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Right now I think I've got everything.
red, bowl; yellow, ball; orange, wierd furry thingy; purple, tellytubby; black, shoe; blue, bag; green, stupid plant; brown, tape; silver and gold, keys.
Now all I need is my student....!

Bonjour Fleur, sorry I'm late I was....

what on earth is all that stuff?
It's for our lesson today. My friend Roni suggested I could do colours next, so I borrowed all this stuff from my owners to help.
I've got something for each colour.
Umm... don't they mind you taking stuff from the house?
I got told off once for taking something from the house. Mind you it was the best steak I've ever tasted... well worth a couple of whacks on the rump!
And how did you get that plant here?
Don't talk to me about that stupid plant
It almost fell out of the pot, and I got leaves in my mouth yeauch!

Anyway, let's get on shall we?
Ha ha, I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh but I can just imagine you dragging that thing here.
O.K. lets go what's first?
Well I'm not sure about the Englsih for all these colours so you tell me in English and I'll tell you in French. O.K? O.K. Well starting with the stupid plant, that is GREEN.
In French that is VERT (pronounced VAIR)
la plante est vair.
La plante est vert.
The plant is green.
Le ballon est jaune.
Oui... er yes.
Le ballon? is that French for the ball?
The ball is Yellow. Le ballon est jaune.
la chose pelucheuse est orange.
What's a boobah?

Oh well I suppose, la boobah est orange.

La shows peluwhat?
Is that French for Boobah then?
The fluffy orange thing.
Le sac est bleu.


That's how we say it, alright!

Are you being sick or is that French for blue?

Sorry, le sac est bleugh!
Le Scotch est brun. Scotch is the usual name for sticky tape in France.
After the best known brand.

Le scotch est brun.
The Sellotape is brown.

In English "Scotch" is a drink. My owner likes it.
Tinkywinky est pourpre.


Yes I've watched them with my owner's little boy.

Tinkywinky est pourpre.
You know about Teletubbies then?
La serviette est blanche. La serviette est blanche,
the towel is white.
La chaussure est noire,
and also a bit chewn up.

La chaussure est noire.
The shoe is black.
What colour would you call the keys?

Well silver is argent, and gold is or. so, les clefs sont argent et or.

they look like silver and gold to me.

Right so, argent and or, then.
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