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If you have a site that you think is relevant. Let me know I don't intend this as a portal but I do want to include useful links to relevant sites.

Links to other French language sites.

Sites used in the construction of this site.

Sponsored links which may help pay for the site.
I'm not looking to make a profit just offset some of the costs.

Other language sites.
These are some sites covering other languages that might be of interest.

My favourite sites. A random sort of selection.
I'ts my site; I can promote what I like, right?

Please note all links on this page are for sites I personally reccomend.
Even the ones that pay me.

My favourite sites

Other French language sites.

French Together offers free French grammar, vocabulary and grammar lessons written by Alysa (an American living in Paris) and Benjamin (A Frenchman living in London.) Most lessons also contain audio recorded by a native French speaker.
BBC French resources main page. Links to everything else from Primary school to advanced.
Little linguist logo Little Linguist. The little linguist is an online retailer specialising in foriegn language books, CDs, DVDs, and games, for all ages and abilities. Main languages covred are French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Welsh. There is even a book on Japanese. All the Japanese I know I learned from watching Shogun. "Konichiwa Toranaga sama!"
UK based company.
linguatots logo
Loads of resources for French, Spanish, German, and Italian.
UK based company.
linguatots logo
Grant and Cutler
Language resources, books, dictionaries, fiction, C.D.s video etc in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Russian. Also some resources in every living language. Shop based in London's West end. No online sales but mail order available.
UK based company.
Language books.
Australian based French language books, films, and television, online store
Oui for kids
Oui for kids.
Canadian flagCanadian site, selling French Books Cds and other resources for kids.
Early StartEarly Start Books, CD, language learning courses in French German and Spanish, for kids.
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Webliography. The sites I used in making this one.

My webspace provider.
Are you based in the UK? Looking for a professional host? Look no further.
I honestly cannot recommend Pickaweb highly enough.
This was the site where I had my first real epiphany in html. It has been a constant reference source ever since. Simple tutorials in HTML, Javascript, tables, links, colours, quite a few links to free resourses, clever little applets that take the chore out of coding complex ideas. Well worth using.
Type text using french characters.This page provides you with a text box and a complete selection of French accented characters. When you've finished typing just cut and paste.
Word reference . comFree translations in French Italian and Spanish. More importantly go to Word reference access the Forums. Lots of very friendly people will help answer difficult translation questions from stupid beginner to smarty pants expert.
Google language tools. A bit basic but an easy start point.
Alta vista language tools. Pretty much the same as google really.

Real French .net
is great I use the message boards quite a bit, there are Freanch speakers who will answer questions about stuff even translate whole bits of French for you if you ask real nice.
Has loads of stuff about France from every perspective.
ARTFL project.This is a much more complete look up dictionary than either google or altavista. But it only does one word at a time.
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Please put a few pennies my way.

So basically you know what this is. It's your bog standard Amazon banner. Now how can you resist clicking on it and searching for kids books in French? See it twinkle at you... come and buy... LOL
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Other language sites.

Spanish Courses Cactus language is one of the members of the Association of Language Travel Organisations that provides variety of language courses in an unique approach
language trainers logo Spanish Courses - Language Courses - a gentle approach to language training with our native speaker & qualified experienced trainers anywhere in UK
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O.T.Tees My little tee shirt business, with unique designs including the John Bonham replica tee shirt and Peter Grant's "IN FOR A QUICK GARDEN" shirt, with more ideas being realised and added as I can afford to.
Surrogate Suns.
My latest band formed 2012 in North Devon. Surrogate Suns, the best of British Classic Rock and British Invasion covers.

The Honeycombs fan site

My newly created website about the sixties pop band The Honeycombs

Led Zep Too my old Led Zeppelin tribute band which I was with for seven years. No longer active.