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Au claire de la lune. By the light of the moon.
Au clair de la lune,
Mon ami Pierrot,
Pre te moi ta plume,
Pour ecrire un mot,
Ma chandelle et morte,
Je nai plus de feu,
Ouvre moi ta porte,
Pour l'amour de Dieu.
By the light of the moon,
My friend Pierrot,
lend me a pen,
so I can write a note,
My candle is dead,
I havn't got a match,
Open your door for me,
for the love of God.
Au claire de la lune,
Pierrot repondit,
Je nai pas de plume,
Je suis dans mon lit,
Va chez la voisine,
Je crois qu'elley est,
Car dans sa cuisine,
On bat le briquet.
By the light of the moon,
Pierrot answers,
I haven't got a pen,
I'm in bed,
Go next door,
I'm sure they are up,
in their kitchen,
someone is striking a light.
I did a search for "Au clair de la lune" using Ask Jeeves.
Among other things I found out that this song was written by
Jean Baptiste Lully (1683-1687).
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