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French fun and learning for young children.

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This site is a bi-lingual educational resource for teachers, and parents. Teaching English speaking children French from an early age i.e. preschool nursery, firstgrade etc. There are lots of funs things to see and do on the site including simple french lessons conducted by my own very special characters. Fleur and Rocky. They are a French poodle puppy and an English bulldog puppy respectively. They have been very popular with nursery teachers and children alike. I hope one day to be able to create a series of cartoon animations of them which could perhaps be developed into a TV program, but this is a very big dream at the moment. Suffice to say that they are genuinely my creations and are definately copywrite. There are also French nursery rhymes (comptines) here which was how this whole site started. These include well known classics like Frere Jaques, Allouette, or is it alouette, and sur le pont d'avignon, as well as less well known ones like Le Bon Roi Dagobert, or le petit navire. Not all of these songs have MP3 tunes yet. I think about 12 do. All the mp3s are free to download as they are well past copywrite and I did them myself on the computer. There are a number of games here as well. some of these are to play online like match the pairs, or guess the colour. Otheres are merely suggestions for things you can do offline, such as the French equivalent of this little piggy, or I spy. For these I have provided enough information to get you started and you can do what you will with it. The first words section has groups of words according to subject to help build up a vocabulary, for example parts of the body, numbers, clothing etc. There are ten categories at the moment with a minimum of ten words to each category. I have tried to make it as interactive as I can. At the moment there are only two groups where you can hear the pronounciation as you click the pictures. This is because the first ones were done in HTML and I could not add the wav files without making it all take too long to load, and using some pretty fancy programming which I cannot do. The newer ones are done in Macromedia Flash and are much more interactive. I am hoping at some stage to be able to add more stuff to download, such as screensavers, and desktops, and of course I need to finish the other mp3 files. All this take a lot of time and I am doing this on my own in between bringing up my own children and making a living. you can help of course by buying books from amazon or searching on Jeeves from this site. In the future I hope to sell merchandise from here such as Tee-shirts etc with Rocky and Fleur on them but that is still a way off. There is also a links page which has several links to site where you can buy cd dvd video and book products which will help in your goal of teaching your kids french. These are located in the UK / england and aslo in Canada. I get visitors from all over the English speaking world including India, and it is gratifying to get e-mails saying how much people enjoy the site from America, Canada, Australia, NewZealand etc. A final word to anyone who is still reading this. I know the site is far from complete and far from perfect. I work on it whenever I can but I lack the time and the skills to do all the things that I can imagine for the site. I would like the help of an artist and a French speaker and a programmer, to really get the site going but there is no prospect of paying anyone, for the forseeable future, so I suspect it will still be just me for some time to come. Please enjoy the site.